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Make the grade: Remote learning tips for parents

October 14th, 2020

The new normal offers all of us an opportunity to learn some new skills. This couldn’t be truer than in virtual learning. With the kiddos at home now, it’s different. Here are some quick tips from Teach Thought to help parents out there keep your kids focused on school and continue to do their best.

SCHEDULES ARE IMPORTANT. As human beings, we respond well to structure. Make sure to create a schedule and maintain that schedule for continuity. Creating a daily plan or to-do list will help both you and your child be able to tackle assignments and meet deadlines more easily. Then you can cross off items throughout the day that are completed. That is always a good feeling.

EMPATHY IS A BIG DEAL. This change may be hard for children. Try to be their co-pilot in this new learning journey and show emotional support. Work together to ensure your child understands the content they are delving into. If your child is having a hard time understanding something, make sure to pause and find out why. The plus side for parents is they get to learn how their child learns best, learn something too, and help problem-solve together. Remember to be patient as this is uncharted territory for everyone.

MAKE SURE ALL DIRECTIONS FROM THE INSTRUCTORS ARE CLEAR. Ask questions to the teachers if you or your child are unclear about the tasks or learning goals in assignments. That way, assignments can be completed and turned in on time. I’m sure the teachers are more than happy to answer any questions or clarify instructions.

SET UP A DESIGNATED LEARNING AREA. This will help you and your child focus more. Keep it organized, inspiring, and fun.

MAINTAIN A CONDUCIVE ATMOSPHERE FOR HOME LEARNING. This means controlling the atmosphere. Turn the TV off and keep it off. Put aside your cell phones so you’re not distracted by social media. We know how distracting that can be. Now is the time to focus. Make sure your child has proper accessories like sound-canceling headphones.

LET LOOSE. Make sure to take breaks and have fun. Go outside if possible, enjoy some fresh air, play catch, and do something active with your kids. Recess is still important.